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An Inspiring & Educational Speaker Dedicated To Transforming Lives Globally

Thomas Aksnes is an internationally renowned speaker, having delivered the featured keynote at more than 100 health conferences around the world. His personal story about overcoming adversity combined with his extensive scientific knowledge and passion for optimizing health leaves audiences inspired, educated and transformed! 

About Thomas

Today, as the founder of the unique worldwide clinic concept, Health Optimizing, Thomas Aksnes' high-tech methodologies have helped hundreds of thousands of clients across 5 continents to identify and resolve health challenges at the roots.


The Health Optimizing concept came to fruition in the 1990s as a response to personal health challenges faced by Thomas himself; his fascination with the body’s intrinsic regulations and ability to self-heal came as a result of childhood illnesses. As a consequence of poor advice from the healthcare system at the time, three of the most important systems in his body turned dysfunctional. From the age of 10, his respiratory functions developed to the level of a heavy smoker with lung cancer, and he soon became totally dependent on pharmaceuticals, which actually played a significant role in the development of the challenges in the first place. His digestive system became completely dysfunctional, due to excessive antibiotics wiping out the bowel flora, and he was not even able to gain normal weight. Eventually, his immune system became overwhelmed to the point that his body was unable to deal with any of the pathogens that he was exposed to, and instead, reacted in extreme ways to allergens.


Coming from a family of top renowned scientists, he grew up believing that the thousands of brilliant medical researchers around the world would find solutions for him. However, at 19 years old, he was told by his doctor (who was the leading medical professor specialised in this category of illnesses at the time) that he was beyond help and could never expect to live a normal life. 


Hearing that was, surprisingly, the most empowering moment in Thomas’ life. It became the motivation behind his mission to redefine the medical paradigm, with the resolution of his own issues being the initial proof of concept. 

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Recent appearances include:

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Thomas Aksnes covers a range of speaking topics and has a variety of keynote presentations that have proven popular with global audiences. Topics include, but are not limited to:

Making Healthier Choices

An interactive, impactful session designed to engage audiences in evaluating their health, so they can actively make healthier choices in their daily lives.


Pillars of Health

A multitude of informative keynotes educate audiences on which lifestyle changes can make the biggest impact on health. Action-oriented content that leaves a lasting impression! 

How to Prevent & Reduce Sick Leave Within An Organisation

Covering health insights that can improve a team's work capacity, reduce sick leave, reduce costs, increase employee satisfaction and improve profitability. Content that can transform an organisation!

If you'd like to discuss the possibility of having Thomas speak at your next event, email with the subject line, "Speaking".

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